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Our staff are our most valued asset

Ex Testing empowers every certification engineer to make on-site decision to get the job done.

We are offering you an opportunity for challenge. You can be the person who influences the company and creates the type of working conditions you thrive in. It will be hard work, it will be fun and it will be rewarding. 

We want you happy and healthy. The package suits what you need and everything is bespoke to the individual.

1) 25 days’ stationary holidays. Two(2) full weeks of summer break.

2) Lots of time to learn from the best, experiment and diversify your skills.

3) Less stressful working environment and you have real influence in the way the company runs.

4) You will have lots of option for world travel (travel pay).

5) Flexible office hours- we are a task based company, its all about getting the job done, not working 9-5.

Our business plan is simple, we hire the best people and provide the best environment to allow them to provide the best service.

Simply contact us and we will get back to you.

All applications/interest will be treated confidentially, Please indicated your current salary on application.

 Agents, Contractors and Freelance….

We are happy to hear from anyone who wants to work with us on a freelance/contract basis

ISO9000 and ATEX/IECEx quality auditors for QAN/QAR

Sales/Project Managers (commission available on a per-project basis)

CompEx/CoPC qualified engineers

Ex equipment inspectors

ATEX/CE Consultants

ExTesting LLC
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